We take pride in announcing the new additions of branches to our group during the year in Sri Lanka.

  1. Euro Performance – Wadduwa (May 2008)
  1. Euronippon International Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd - Matara (June 2008) 
  1. Euronippon Enterprises - Welisara  (July 2008)
  1. Euronippon Wadduwa just completed 5 years of dedicated services to its customers and looking forward to serve many more years.
  1. Now we are geared to stretch our wing to Ampara in the Eastern region of Sri Lanka.

The rapid diversification programme of the Group’s activities saw the addition of the following companies to its present fold:




A Company duly incorporated in Sri Lanka on the 7th day of April 2009, is a project intended to function under the Board of Investments (BOI) of Sri Lanka.

The main line of business of this company is to import used Heavy Plant & Machinery for re-export after repairing and reconditioning.




A company duly incorporated in Sri Lanka, on the 2nd day of April 2009 for the purpose of acquiring and carrying on the business of a Tea Plantation situated at Hatton in the hills of Sri Lanka.




A company incorporated in Sri Lanka, on the 4th day of January 2008.

Due to the rapid growth and diverse operations of the Group, this company was floated to co-ordinate with the logistical requirements of the various business units.