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Tel .:    +94 38 2295586/87
Fax.:    +94 38 2295584
E-mail: information@euronipponint.com

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Euronippon International Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd
Kamburugamuwa, Matara,

Sri Lanka.

Tel  :  +94 0414 932932
Fax :  +94 0414 928337

This Branch specializes in a variety of requirements of our customers, general spare parts, Cabs & Bodies and Heavy machinery.
The premiere used or new Spare parts

Euronippon -
Heavy Machinery

All 4x4 off Road Accessories
Delivery Policy
Orders are dispatched locally and globally by transport vehicles or courier. In Sri Lanka, delivery is expected within the 45 working days. International orders may take a little longer. Please contact us for information on overseas charges and deliveries. All orders, whatever the size of scale or quantity are delivered at a nominal concessionary fee.
Euronippon Dambulla.
Euronippon Matara.
Euronippon Welisara.

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