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Euronippon Japan

Euronippon International (Pvt) Ltd
  101, S.H.T., 1703- 348, Hatori,
        Omitama – Shi, Ibaraki Ken, 319- 0123,
        Tel / Fax   :   +81 (0299) 36 9060
         E-mail     :   information@new-euro.co.jp

       Located in Ibaraki- Ken- Japan, acts as the focal strategic point for the entire business. Through out the years this is used as a port for exporting spare parts for both heavy and light vehicles to the entire regional sales divisions located in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka.

      This Branch consists of six yards which includes three vehicle parks with the capacity to hold a thousand vehicles, two dismantling yards inclusive of the necessary heavy vehicles and machinery to dismantle, lift, sort and recycle automobiles and similar apparatus and a single container loading yard fitted with cranes and fork lifts. Licensed items such as seat sets, cut potion half / full, tipper sets and booms are also imported.
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Delivery Policy

Orders are dispatched locally and globally by transport vehicles or courier. In Sri Lanka, delivery is expected within the 45 working days. International orders may take a little longer. Please contact us for information on overseas charges and deliveries. All orders, whatever the size of scale or quantity are delivered at a nominal concessionary fee.

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