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Euronippon Heavy Machinery

Euronippon Machinery Sales (Pvt) Ltd               
204, Thalpitiya North, Wadduwa,
     Sri Lanka.
     Tel  :  +94 (038) 229 5056
     Fax  : +94 (038) 229 5054

     E- mail :  machinery@euronipponint.com
Euronippon Machinery Sales (Pvt) Ltd levers and acts as the distribution point for heavy machinery spare parts such as JCB. Caterpillar, Komatsu and other similar leading Japanese brands. The goal of this division is to maintain the colossal customer base in the southern region in the island. In addition, the machinery yard caters to customers requiring motor equipment for water sorts such as jet skies of different brands. Generators, compactors, carpenter machines, forklifts and heavy earthmovers are imported from the United Kingdom and Japan to the yard in Wadduwa.

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Delivery Policy

Orders are dispatched locally and globally by transport vehicles or courier. In Sri Lanka, delivery is expected within the 45 working days. International orders may take a little longer. Please contact us for information on overseas charges and deliveries. All orders, whatever the size of scale or quantity are delivered at a nominal concessionary fee.

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